Welcome to Clinique PsySanté!

We are delighted to present to you a whole new way of achieving wellness in your life. We offer a variety of clinical and educational services in a professional and peaceful environment. We are committed to being the best in the field of integrative health by adhering to a mind-body-spirit approach.

 Our Unique Holistic Health Approach

The holistic approach in health care has gained tremendous popularity in recent years and is quickly becoming the philosophy of choice for those of you seeking to be in charge of your health. At Clinique PsySanté we have redefined complementary health care. Here are a few ways that we stand out:

We work with an open heart

We recognize that any type of healing occurs in an environment of safety and each practitioner is committed to working in a compassionate, caring and supportive way. At PsySanté you will meet people who truly care about you!

 We focus on lifestyle change

Our intention is to support your healing process every step of the way. We support your change of daily behaviors and encourage you to establish new patterns of healthy living. The result is that you may prevent disease, encourage your well-being, and promote your enjoyment of life in a perspective of self-responsibility.

We promote your empowerment

Our goal is that you become fully successful in managing your own health and life in an effective way. In this way, you will be able to develop more mastery over your life and create the life that you deserve.

We educate you about general health and wellness

Our passion is teaching you how to best care for yourself, by explaining to you the inner workings of the mind-body-spirit system, and the many ways you can support your healing process and maintain optimal health.

We follow and support the scientific model

We are committed to using tools and techniques that have been scientifically tested and have proven their effectiveness over time. We are also keen on demonstrating the relationship between science and spirit.

We bring East and West together

Many ancient cultures and traditions are rich in healing philosophies and modalities. We strive to provide you the very best treatment recommendations from around the world.

We address the causes of a problem

We believe in getting to the root of a problem. Managing only the symptoms does not constitute a long term solution because the causal underlying condition can often reappear or even become aggravated.

We promote optimal vitality

We define health as being in a state of optimal vitality rather than the absence of symptoms. This implies that you may become healthier than prior to the appearance of symptoms!

We care for you using an integrative approach

Our staff enjoys working together and collaborating to support you. Since many of our professional services complement each other, you can rest assured that we are committed to supporting you in the most caring and competent way.

We walk the talk

All of our practitioners have demonstrated a commitment to their own self-improvement and achieving excellence in their respective field of practice. In fact, many of us are leading experts and pioneers in health fields. Many of us are also talented artists, singers, performers, writers and athletes. We are proud to be your guides.

Come experience the PsySanté Advantage!