Elena Grilli Cadieux, Psy.D.
Elena Grilli Cadieux, psychosocial consultant, hypnotherapist, www.psysante.com

Elena is a psychology consultant who offers support to kids, teenagers and adults. Through counselling, she can assist you to face your daily challenges: stress, anxiety, depression, difficulty in managing emotions, low self-esteem, communication, interpersonal relationships, goal setting, motivation, mental coaching. In a proactive and caring environment, she will help you develop strategies, overcome the obstacles present on your life path and find balance.

In addition, Elena has competencies in dealing with group dynamics and organizational environment.

As an former world-class athlete, Elena has a great interest in sport psychology. She has extensive training in this field and is a a Certified Mental Coach. She helps athletes overcome barriers to performance and learn how to compete to the best of their abilities. With her great leadership and motivation, she will help you to improve and reach your goals.

In her daily life, Elena enjoys doing outdoors activities, practicing yoga and spending quality time with her loved ones.