Working With Psyante Professionals

Working with a health consultant offers you the opportunity to work with an expert in the field of natural/alternative medicines providing different approaches to health care.  Health consultants have a broad understanding of natural remedies and may recommend a specific method to go about healing their patients.  They also offer an alternative to typical medical care as some people prefer the methods of a health consultant as their methodology offers a natural way to go about healing certain diseases and sicknesses.   

A health consultant can change your life.

Duties and Responsibilities

Health consultants assess and discuss with their patients the best methods to assist in the healing process based on what is deduced from the patient’s consultation.  Some methods that a health consultant may offer include:

  • Natural Oils
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Holistic Diets
  • Aromatherapy
  • Juice Therapy

Natural health care isn’t your typical over the counter solution to various health problems. A health consultant can carefully craft remedies to naturally cure various illnesses.  The approach is a much more comprehensive, well thought out way of remedying illness with your overall well-being in mind.  Consultants also use holistic methods and natural items to target the issue as opposed to masking problems and temporarily fixing issues.  

Having somebody in your corner

Natural healers take on a coaching role as they will be your go to person when it comes to your overall health.  The consultants use medicines from all parts of the world to assist you as well.  In essence, working with a health consultant will open the door to eastern, western, alternative, and preventative medical procedures just to name a few.  By pulling from each of these approaches and paying close attention to exercise, diet, nutrition, and other natural remedies, health consultants offer sustainable, healthier alternatives you can continue to use throughout your life.  


The assessment is the most integral part of your health consultant getting to the root of your medical issue.  This may include taking a look at your previous medical history, checking a client’s dietary history, as well as a saliva test and possibly urinalysis to test the acidity of the patient’s diet. These tests help to determine which modifications are necessary in the patient’s diet and how the consultant will work around the diet plan.

Care Plan

A client’s care plan is all dependent on the testing performed by the consultant and all other information provided about the client’s health history.  The personalized health care plan may include procedures such as:

  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Dietary practices

Unlike traditional medical care, a health consultant doesn’t typically use over the counter medication to assist in their remedies.  In many cases supplements and herbs are used over traditional medication for overall restoration of health and dietary recommendations are included to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

A health consultant will help you live a happier lifestyle.

Working with a health consultant has many advantages over traditional medicine as the programs and care put into each individual patient is paramount and isn’t solely based on one issue yet a health consultant will focus on your overall well-being.