holistic coaching, holistic coaching pierrefonds, life coaching pierrefonds, life coaches west island, life coach montreal, holistic coach montrealWe invite you to discover yourself in a whole new way! Holistic Coaching is an empowering process where you learn new ways of seeing and experiencing life. With a greater awareness of your relationship with the world around you, you will realize the power of your intuition and the choices you have. You will learn the interplay between your desires and your goals. We help you to set up your life goals that are in alignment with your values and life purpose.

Holistic Coaching is different than psychotherapy in that we help you focus on reaching your goals from a well state and support you to reach your potential. Coaching is not geared for those with a psychological diagnosis or if you experiencing some emotional distress. If you are wishing to overcome some personal issues then its best you consult our psychologists. However if you find that you are well-adjusted and need support to reach your goals then pehaps coaching is for you!


Why would you consult?

  • Do you need help in making an important decision?
  • Do you need help organizing your schedule?
  • DO you need support to reach a goal in your work life?
  • Do you need a supportive ear to help accompany you in your journey?
  • Need advice on how to balance the various areas of your personal life?
  • Are you ready to reach your potential?