Julie Habart-Tiberghien is a hypnosis and mental training coach.
She specializes in personal and professional development, helping her clients to thrive. Whether in a clinical, corporate or athletic setting, she works with clients daily to guide, support and develop the human potential hidden at the heart of each individual.
Happiness, engagement in life, and pleasure are at the core of her passion to help each person become their best self every day. This is why, in 2015 she founded Hypno-Confiance, which brings together training, workshops and coaching services.

With 15 years of experience in corporate environments, and with a considerable athletic background, Julie turned toward personal growth and development in order to help people achieve their full potential, push their boundaries and challenge their limiting beliefs.

Low self-confidence, well-being, efficiency increase and full potential achievement are but a few of the reasons to consult with her.
Thought specialist, she uses hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and coaching to help you develop your best self.

Julie also teaches auto-hypnosis so her clients can work on their own with the powerful mental tools of Hypnosis.