Holistic psychologist

Neriman Gokcen, holistic psychotherapist

Dr Neriman has a doctorate in clinical psychology. She works with adults, teenagers and children. She treats different issues such as depression, burn-out, anxiety, separation, divorce, grieving, etc. She specializes particularly in relational and emotional issues such as dependency, emotions management, self esteem as well as family and love relations.

Her efficient, soft and holistic approach will help you better understand and manage your difficulties at the source. She uses different techniques and approaches that combine classic theories and new methods such as mindfulness, visualisation and breathing. Neriman adopts a more global approach of the individual (mind-body-soul) and uses emotional reprogramming.

Passionate and inspiring, Neriman will accompany you in a therapeutic approach that aims at getting you to rediscover yourself under a different light and live a more harmonious life that is consistent with your real desires, needs and potential.

Always searching for new discoveries, Neriman loves travelling, reading, practicing yoga and simply enjoying life.