Psychotherapist; Sex & Couple Counselling; Trauma & EMDR Intervention; Resilience and Performance Enhancement Training.


In a sense, we are the authors of our lives, and we draw up the blueprints for their design. Many of us can begin by recognizing that we do not have to remain passive victims of our circumstances, but instead can consciously become the architects of who we can become.

In many situations, an important objective of therapy is to encourage one to reflect on life, to recognize their range of alternatives, and to decide among them. When one begins the process of further recognizing the ways in which they may have passively accepted

circumstances, they can start the path of more consciously shaping their own lives.

Each person’s situation is seen as unique and deserves to be responded to with respect to the individual characteristics of the situation, and their needs and preferences. Therapy is a process in which there is a progression towards gradually increasing comfort, flow, insight, awareness and ultimately greater self-knowledge. This can lead to greater self-understanding and the development of vision, wisdom and – growth.

The basis for effective therapeutic outcomes, I believe, is the development of a good therapeutic relationship – one that is encouraging, reflective, connected and insightful. This, combined with a well-considered treatment plan, makes for an engaging process that can be of great significance and gains that are anchored, exercised, and integrated into daily life.

Psychotherapist’s licence from the Order (College) of Psychologists of Quebec.

I work as a sex and couple therapist, clinical hypnotist, performance / resiliency counselor and an addiction, trauma (PTSD), abuse, palliative care and EMDR practitioner. Member, OTSTCFQ.