Holistic Life Coach

Rose Khoury, holistic empowerment coach, hypnotherapist, nurse

Rose has many years of experience in nursing, practicing and managing in a conventional health care system, a Masters degree in ApSS (Human Systems Intervention) as well as knowledge and expertise of complementary modalities. She effectively combines them to assist you in your quest for physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Rose has an open-hearted, compassionate style. She shows you how to use tools in mindfulness meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, imagery, relaxation and other heart-centered modalities including biofeedback to support your healing and growth. Rose gently challenges you while you courageously shift to opening and healing your heart and finding the balance, freedom and joy you deserve.

Rose is a passionate, creative person who likes to savour all that life has to offer. She thrives by discovering things about herself and the world around her and sharing that with others. She designs and creates her own jewelry line and is publishing a children’s story for young teens to adults to help unleash our Super-Hero within.