tutoring, tutoring west island, tutoring pierrefonds, tutoring montrealSunflower Tutoring helps bring students to their full academic potential. We aim to empower young minds with the confidence that success is within their capabilities.

Students have individualistic learning styles which the public system cannot always cater to. Sunflower tutors cater their teaching approach to how each student learns best. We are university students; we are your academic mentors.


Our services: 

Free 30 minute consultation:
Meet with your personal tutor; make a game plan for success.

One-on-one tutoring:
Individualized teaching in a way that you can understand. Leave feeling confident, capable, and eager to succeed.

Homework sessions:
These sessions offer students an environment to build a positive work ethic without home-related distractions. Engaging in academic dialog with an engaged mentor allows students to build self-assurance in their knowledge.

Package deals:
We offer package deals to encourage your commitment to success.